Is Petite France open on national or public holidays?

Petite France is open all year round.
Admissions close one hour before closing time.
Closing time can be extended in the case of special evening openings. For more details, please visit our website.

How can I go to Petite France by public transportation?

Is wedding photography allowed in Petite France?

Anyone is welcome to take wedding photos in Petite France.
For wedding photography, please send us an email( with the details as per below and make your visit after receiving your confirmation notification.
Name/Date and Time to Visit / No. of Visitors / Use of fitting room needed or not.
We would like to ask that wedding photos be taken during business hours on any week day.
The permit fee is 200,000 KRW for 4 hours, excluding admission tickets and fitting room fees.
Reservations are required for use of the fitting room.
All fees (permit fee, admission tickets, fitting room charge) are payable by credit card on the day of picture taking. Wedding photography can begin after paying all fees at the ticket office.

Is there anywhere to get a meal?

There are no restaurants in Petite France. However, there are shops for snacks and drinks as well as indoor and outdoor cafés. Food may be brought in from the outside but no food is allowed within the exhibition sites and theaters. There is no cooking allowed.
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